Muscle growth

Research project (DFG SI841/13-1) in cooperation with Prof. Markus Böl (TU-Braunschweig)

Development of a 3D model of structural and functional changes during muscle growth.

In this subproject, structural and mechanical changes of muscle tissue during growth will be recorded. The goal of the research project is the development and validation of a growth model for skeletal muscle, which will be achieved by a close integration between experiment and modeling. Knowledge of the structural changes (e.g. 3D muscle fiber architecture, see Fig.) is an essential prerequisite for a deeper understanding of the differentiation of muscle shape during growth. This not only advances the fundamental understanding of locomotion at different ages, but can furthermore find application in the field of movement and exercise science, medical technology, robotics and prosthetics.


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3D muscle fiber architecture
3D muscle fiber architecture
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