4th BioMechBW Workshop on Mechanobiology: Wednesday, 6 March 2024

6. März 2024 /

Organizers: Andrew Clark, Michael Heymann, Tobias Siebert

external Speakers:

Prof. Ulrich Schwarz from the University of Heidelberg 
"Controlling cell contraction by optogenetics"
Prof. Markus Böl from the Technical University Braunschweig.
"Experiments and modelling of skeletal muscle at different levels"

short talks:

Johannes Rheinlaender University of Tübingen
"Measuring the Cortical Tension of Living Cells with the Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope"
Kerstin Feistel University of Hohenheim
"From morphogen signaling to tissue morphogenesis in Xenopus: what it takes to make a vertebrate head"
Marie Münkel University of Tübingen
"Biomechanical alterations of endothelial cells exposed to bacterially-infected immune cells"
Oliver Walker University of Stuttgart
"Shape Matters: Manipulating the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Foams"

Flash Talks 

Valentin Wössner Heidelberg University
"Adhesion-based active gel model for 1D cell migration"
Thao Nguyen University of Stuttgart
"Crosstalk of nuclear and junctional β-catenin in intestinal homeostasis and cancer"
 Lara Hundsdorfer University of Tübingen
"Deciphering host-pathogen interactions with a live-cell microscopy compatible cell stretching device"
Erva Keskin University of Tübingen
"Fluid shear flow decreases susceptibility of endothelial cells to Listeria monocytogenes infections"
 Tobias Elst
 "Changes in force response in multiple stretchshortening cycles"
Julio César Sánchez Rendón
 "Complex impacts of apical shear stress on cell behavior of three different endothelial cell types"
Jasmin Cic,
"Engineering intestinal organoid-monolayers with a crypt-villus axis to study cell migration"
Amatus Beyer
"Simulating the Formation of Higher-Order Structures from Individual Cells Using SynNotch Circuits"
Sven Weidner
 "Eccentric contractions at submaximal activation in single muscle fibers"
Simon Kiem
"Length adaptation in smooth muscle tissue"
Maria Hammer
 "Challenges in neuro-musculoskeletal modeling of the spine"
Emily Hellwich
"Water Flow Elastography as a new tool to measure mechanical properties of tissue"
Nils Winkler
 "Modelling the impact of myosin IIA/IIB isoforms on cell migration"
Sarbari Saha
"Substrate stiffness modulates the cellular response to interleukin (IL)-13"
Theresa Kühn
"Replicating native muscle biomechanics in a synthetic protein muscle fiber"
Lukas Vosse
"Muscle Architecture and Contraction Properties of the human M. tibialis anterior"
Matthew Araz
"Understanding the muscle preflex response in perturbed locomotion via in-vitro experiments"


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